Wednesday, July 2, 2008




Everything we do is because of money, and yet 98% of americans say that money isnt important. Why do they say this you ask, and maybe your one of those people. And dont get me wrong there is nothing wrong with you cause I was once one of those people. But 98% of americans say this because they were trained to say this. Ever since I was a kid everyone I knew told me to just make sure I get and education so I can get a good job with benifits! WOW!! Yet everyone I know who got en education out side of high school is BROKE!!! This is why 98% of ameicans say that money doesnt matter to them or "money doesnt make you happy" because they have NONE! I hate people who say money doesnt make you happy, you know why, its not because I disagree with them because I do agree that money doesnt make you happy, but neither does a car payment or rent or a water bill. No one gets excited to make their car payment, so quit lieing to your self and making excuses for why money isnt important and why it doesnt make you happy, because Im sure there are thousends of families out there that if they had money to pay off their car then they could take the money from the car payment that they dont have to make and maybe take a vaccation or just go out to dinner with family and friends and not have to worry about who ate what, because you have the money just to pick up the tab. Now do these things make everyone happier, No! But doesnt it make sence. Let me know your thoughts on the post.